Corduroy trousers Brisbane Moss, Colour: Dark-Brown

Corduroy trousers Brisbane Moss, Colour: Dark-Brown

  • 100% Cotton

With pleat, with turn-ups, two pockets.

The combination of cord and tweed always works. For stylish outfits you can wear our corduroy trousers with a classic tweed jackets or with our Lambswool sweaters. The wide wale corduroy of Brisbane Moss is a classic and has a wider cut. All trousers have a pleat and turn-ups.

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Material Description

Corduroy trousers

Cotton is almost always the most popular raw material for clothing worldwide. This natural fibre impresses with its versatility, absorbency and durability. In addition, there is a pleasantly soft feeling on the skin.

The wide corduroy trousers are characterized by a whale number of 8. That is, the fabric is woven with 8 ribs per inch. The fabric is cut to the top with a stroke direction. This highlights the special brilliance of the colours. The fabric weight is 470g/sqm. The quality of the fabrics of the traditional corduroy mill Brisbane Moss has been unrivaled for more than 120 years. While many corduroy fabrics lose shape and become gray after the washing, the Corduroy of Brisbane Moss remains durable for many years and is beautiful.

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Care instructions

At 30-40°C you can wash our trousers made of fine cotton and corduroy in the washing machine with a mild detergent. In addition, they need to be ironed after washing, so that they can regain their original structure and become soft. To avoid damaging the rib structure of the corduroy wash and iron the trousers to the left. Please note that the trousers are not allowed in the dryer.

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