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Shirt: Classic shirt with tab collar in purple stripes | John Crocket | Fine British Clothing

Classic Shirt with tab collar striped in purple

  • 100% cotton
  • 2-ply Popeline 100/2 x 100/2
  • Buttons made of real mother-of-pearl (contains non-textile parts of animal origin)
  • Produced in Europe
Tab collar with hidden fabric tab, French cuff, small extra button on the sleeve slits, breast pocket on the left front side, John Crocket label embroidered on the inside of the back yoke

    Our shirts offer a good and comfortable thanks to the longer cut and the split yoke.
    The fell seam on the shirt sides and the sleeves with especially narrow stitch density are the sign for an impeccable workmanship, also the cross stitched buttons.
    Our 2-ply thread has a high crease rest property, it is soft, with a light touch and yet durable.

    We're here to help. Please call us or send us a message.

    (+49) 0221-25 50 50 You can reach us daily from 10.30 am to 6.30 pm, except on Sundays and bank holidays

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    Material description

    Full ply Shirts

    A full-ply thread consists of two particularly strongly twisted cotton fibres. These high-quality threads are weft and warp (horizontal and vertical threads) for our fabrics. Nevertheless, the fabric is not thick and heavy, because the length of the threads makes it lighter and silkier. Unlike normal 115g-130g/qm varieties, our fabric has only 105g-110g/qm. This gives it a durable fabric with a very pleasant, soft finish at low weight.

    Care advices

    You can wash our shirts at 40° degree. Please note that the shirts shrink slightly after washing. That's why our shirts have an extra centimeter in the collar, so it's not too small after four-five washes and still sits comfortably.

    At 30-40°C you can wash our trousers made of fine cotton and corduroy in the wahing machine with a mild detergent. In addition, they need to be ironed after washing, so that they can regain their original structure and become soft. To avoid damaging of the rib structure of the corduroy wash and iron the trousers to the left. Please note that the trousers are not allowed in the dryer.