Summer Jacket Classic
Jacket: Summer Jacket Classic| John Crocket | John Crocket | Fine British Clothing
Summer Jacket Classic
Jacket: Summer Jacket Classic| John Crocket | John Crocket | Fine British Clothing

Summer Jacket Classic

  • 100% New Wool
  • Lining: 100% Viscose
  • Real horn buttons (contains non-textile parts of animal origin)
3-button single-breasted jacket, double back slits, 3 outside pockets, 2 large and 2 small inside pockets, lapels

    The subtle checked pattern looks elegant and accompanies you with style through the summer. This jacket can be combined with casual jeans or comfortable cotton trousers. The waistocat that matches the jacket rounds off the look.

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    Material Description

    Lovat Tweed

    In the Scottish town of Hawick on the banks of the River Teviot, Lovat Mill, a traditional weaver, is home to the local authorities. The production of the fabric has been carried out since the 17th century with devotion. The firm Tweed keeps warm and is resistant even against moisture. In his colour variations he reminds of the landscape of Scotland. Lovat Tweed is a companion for the whole life. But you don't only realize that Lovat is thinking about the future by this feature. Every substance in the Lovat Mill is sustainably made from natural, biodegradable, pure wool.

    What makes Wool so special?

    Wool has a unique structure that gives it a natural elasticity, so that the substances return to their natural shape. Wrinkles and crease folds are also avoided. It can easily absorb up to 30% of its weight in moisture, without feeling moist or clinging. The ability of wool to absorb moisture makes it comfortable under warm as well as under cold conditions. In addition, wool fabrics are tear-resistant and the outer skin of the wool fibre is like a protective film, which gives the wool an improved robustness.

    Find out more in our Tweed Dictionary.

    Care instructions

    For Tweed, regular shaking and ventilation is usually sufficient. Aereate the tweed article well after wearing. You can easily remove fuzz and dry dirt with a brushl. If necessary, use chemical cleaning.