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Impeccable from head to collar

John Crocket's shirt world holds the finest fabrics in classic colours as well as in a striking check or stripes. So we distinguish between two models and three collar shapes. In addition, we have put together helpful tips on the fitting and care for you.

Shirt Fabrics

Full ply

The bulk of our Shirts is woven in the whole twisting process. With this fabric, you benefit from its durability and shape stability, as well as clear and brilliant colors, as well as the pleasant wearing comfort.

Full ply thread before the processing

Double twist in warp and weft


Twill check

The weave Twill is the English name for twill connection and famously for her fine, diagonally running structure. For the weave production exclusively high-quality cotton fibres are used as well as for our other shirts and are weaved to robust and tough materials. Twill check lends slightly gleaming optics to plain shirts. Our brightly patterned shirts against it distinguish themselves by soft flannel-like optics.


We wish the Oxford material strong in the clutch, firmly in the fabric and rustic in the structure. These optics cannot be produced in the full linen thread procedure, because this makes as on top described the material silk-like. Therefore, no full ply thread is used with our Oxford materials exceptionally, but the special connection of 50/1 and 30 / of 2-professional thread. Thus originates the typical Oxford structure which works a little heavier, körniger and more sportily. A web kind with long tradition.

Shirts Models

Our Shirts have a longer cut so that they cannot slip out of their pants while wearing. To improve the seat, the shoulder part is split yoke and offers a good fit.

In our models we distinguish between Classic- and the SlimlinesModels. While the Classic shirts are classic straight cut, the fit of our slimline shirts is slightly tailored. Which line is the right one for you, therefore, is not only determined by your figure, but is also a matter of personal preference.

However, the length of the sleeves can be determined more precisely. If you see an L behind the collar at John Crocket, this is a long size. Whether this is suitable for you depends on a rule of thumb: from a body size of 185cm you should choose a longer arm.

Of course there are always discrepancies, but it is always true that the shirt cuffs should be well visible under the jacket. The shirt cuff should not cover two-thirds of the middle hand with the arm just hanging down. The sleeves should reach up to the wrist.

Size charts

Classic shirts

Size English size Collar size Chest width Waist width Back length Arm's length
39 15 1/2 40.6 cm 61 cm 57.5 cm 80 cm 86 cm
40/41 16 41.9 cm 62 cm 59.5 cm 83 cm 88 cm
42 16 1/2 43.2 cm 64 cm 61.5 cm 83 cm 88 cm
43 17 44.5 cm 66 cm 63.5 cm 85 cm 89 cm
44 17 1/2 45.8 cm 68 cm 65.5 cm 85 cm 90 cm
45 18 47.1 cm 70 cm 68.5 cm 86 cm 90 cm
longer arm
39L 15 1/2L 40.6 cm 61 cm 57.5 cm 82 cm 91.5 cm
40/41L 16L 41.9 cm 62 cm 59.5 cm 85 cm 93 cm
42L 16 1/2L 43.2 cm 64 cm 61.5 cm 85 cm 93 cm
43L 17L 44.5 cm 66 cm 63.5 cm 87 cm 94 cm
44L 17 1/2L 45.8 cm 68 cm 65.5 cm 87 cm 95 cm
45L 18L 47.1 cm 70 cm 68.5 cm 88 cm 95 cm

Slimline shirts

Size English size Collar size Chest width Waist width Back length Arm length
39 15 1/2 40.6 cm 55 cm 52.5 cm 80 cm 86.3 cm
40/41 16 41.9 cm 58 cm 56.5 cm 80 cm 87.2 cm
42 16 1/2 43.2 cm 60 cm 57.5 cm 80 cm 88 cm
43 17 44.5 cm 65 cm 61 cm 85 cm 88.9 cm
44 17 1/2 45.8 cm 65 cm 61 cm 85 cm 89.7 cm
Long arm
39L 15 1/2L 40.6 cm 55 cm 52.5 cm 82 cm 92.1 cm
40/41L 16L 41.9 cm 58 cm 56.5 cm 82 cm 93 cm
42L 19 1/2L 43.2 cm 60 cm 57.5 cm 82 cm 93.8 cm
43L 17L 44.5 cm 65 cm 61 cm 87 cm 94.5 cm
44L 17 1/2L 45.5 cm 65 cm 61 cm 87 cm 95.5 cm

The collar forms


The Kent shirt is the optimal shirt for Silk Tie and thus also for business. The Kent Collar was named after the former Duke of Kent, a connoisseur par excellence. At Kent Collar, the straight ends form an almost right angle.

Processed according to London tradition

John Crocket uses only Two-fold-cloth thread for the shirts, except for the Oxford fabrics. In general, quality at John Crocket is top of the list. Pearl buttons are a matter of course and every step of the processing is well thought of, which can be seen below all at the following points.


The collar is made of two parts, that is, it is not glued. A glued collar is simpler and less expensive to manufacture, but a rigid visual impression is created, which makes the collar appear like cardboard. In the case of a collar of two parts, on the other hand, a skillful cut guide means that a natural fitis achieved. In order to ensure a perfect fit, our Kent and Cut-Away-Collar have removable collar sticks.

Two-part collar

Removable collar sticks

Cap stitching

The seam is double-needle stitched from the outside and cleanly folded inside. This is more complicated than the more widespread inside seam, in which the fabric is simply pulled inward. This offers little hold, requires less precision and requires a comparatively small number of stitches. The double needed stitching, on the other hand, is only controlled by the best tailors.

Cap stitching and the blue triangle specific to John Crocket


double cuff, different arm lengths

The depicted cuff is the fashion-conscious double cuff, which is also referred to as a cover cuff. This is a double fabric layer, which is folded over to the wrist and is held fast by elegant cuff links or fabric cufflinks. Evening dress such as the tuxedo is worn exclusively with a cover. We offer our button-down and the Slimline Kent shirt with the simple sports cuff, which is closed by two buttons. It is the most popular type of cuff and is ideal for leisure activities.

Care considerations

You can wash our shirts at 40 ° degrees. Please note that the shirts reduce size after washing. That's why our shirts in the collar have a cm more so that even after 4-5 times washing it is not too small and still sits comfortably.

The subtle difference:
Quality by John Crocket

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There are some compelling arguments for the John Crocket shirt. There’s the twofold cotton in double-twisted fibre with a lasting silky finish. The classic cut is so generous that the shirt always fits perfectly. The slimline shirt is cut slim and a little shorter. And with the amazing amount of patterns and textures, these shirts are actually right up your alley.