Lovat Tweed

Original since 1826

What is Lovat Tweed?

The Name Lovat Tweed holds what he promises - like any original from the British Isles, Lovat Tweed is also a companion for life. But this is not the only reason because you realize that Lovat thinks about the future. Every fabric in the Lovat Mill is sustainably made from natural, biodegradable, pure wool.

Lovat Tweed bei John Crocket

The Lovat Tweed Story

The term Tweed may have its origin in the river Tweed which originates from Tweedsmuir and flows through the region of the Scottish Borders. This is exactly where the London society was chasing, dressed in Tweed. Another source could be found in the Commercial Road in Hawick, just a few metres away from today's Lovat mill. For there sat the weaver William Watson, who labeled a show-to a London-based fabric dealer - in 1826 with "Tweels", which is the Scottish dialect for Twill.

The Londoners interpreted the word as a tweed, as they were not able to the strict and strong Scottish dialect. William Watson did not decide to correct this mistake, as his orders for the tweedcloth were quickly filled. The Lovat Mill carries the legacy of William Watson by making the production of this unique fabric up to 21st a century.

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A Guide to Tweed

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Lovat Tweed keeps always warm and is weather resistant. Its colour shades remember the Scottish landscapes.
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