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What is Tweed?

Tweed is a woven fabric made of pure wool and is produced in the north of Scotland. The word presumably comes from the typical structure called Twill, or in Scotland Tweed.

Originally the fabrics that were hand-woven from hand-spun yarns were first called Tweed. Thus, it was rather coarse wool yarn, but also warp yarn and comb yarn, which formed the basis for the small binding patterns.

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The History of Tweed

Alles über Tweed – John Crocket | Fine British Clothing

Dyeing was always made with natural colours: orange was obtained from groundsel, wheat and iris provided the green and lichen the red. But soon Tweed was no longer just the fabric of farmers. After the English royal family acquired the castle Balmoral, the acquisition of a country seat in Scotland established itself throughout English society. To get away from others, landlords designed their own tweed patterns, the so-called Estate Tweed, which was worn exclusively by their employees. It's a real Scottish tradition to dress according to the clan affiliation.

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How is Tweed made?

The wool is dyed at the beginning of the production process. For this purpose, large loads of wool are first put into a closed tub. This is where the sanding process takes place to extract all the moisture from the fibers. Only then does the wool get its final colour. To obtain the typical tweed pattern, the individual coloured batches are shredded and then mixed.

Afterwards, the individual wool fibers are pulled through machines in the same direction and worn by a series of roles so that the fibers can be stretched. The right amount of fibers is pulled by another machine to produce a loose organized thread. So that the yarn has the strength required for weaving, it must now be spun to a strong thread. For this it turns six to eight times, which gives the yarn a much stronger tensile strength.

A Guide to Tweed

John Crocket stands for suits, jackets, waistcoats, blazers, caps and bow ties made of exclusive tweed from the best manufacturers and mills in Scotland and Ireland. But what makes the fabric so special and how is tweed made?

Lovat Tweed always keeps warm and is very resistant even in moisture. Its colour variations are reminiscted of the landscape of Scotland.
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Harris Tweed is particularly resistant, shines in unique colors and can be combined well with other materials. Harris Tweed Products
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Magee Tweed impresses with its particularly long durability and heavy fabrics from the traditional County Donegal in Ireland. Magee Tweed Products
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Moon Tweed provides the very special feel-good factor with its luxurious feel and always keeps you warm even in cool temperatures. Moon Tweed Products
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John Hanly works exclusively with natural fibers and attaches great importance to sustainable and ethical production. John Hanly Tweed Products
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Marling & Evans rightly emphasizes the distinctive, unmistakable character of its tweed fabrics. Spinning, weaving and finishing are located in Huddersfield, England. Marling & Evans Tweed Products Marling & Evans Tweed Manufactory

Peaky Blinders Suits

By John Crocket

The Peaky Blinders were a gang that existed around the 20th century and tried to control the streets of Birmingham. The story of the Netflix series of the same name is inspired by this gang and features clothing that perfectly reflects the spirit of the era, skillfully transporting the viewer back to that time.

The Peaky Blinders suits are three-piece tweed suitswith a high-quality finish. Alongside this, tweed skirts and tweed blazers, tweed coats and the infamous tweed caps are a must in every scene of the Peaky Blinders series. Not surprising, as the name "Peaky Blinders", according to the British historian Prof Carl Chinn, refers to this elegant appearance, which is unusual for a street gang.

Long before the series, John Crocket was already offering British chic in tweed. The stylish Peaky Blinders suits are ideal for special occasions such as weddings, birthdays or other festivities. Therefore, every customer who wants the elegant British style or is looking for a perfect Peaky Blinders suit can find it here.

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