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Silk accessories for special occasions

Our silk ties and bow-ties give our tweed as well as the business suits the final spark and draw attention directly to your face. We will try to tell you what advantages our heavy silk offers and what tricks and tips you can take into account when wearing silky accessories. In addition, you will learn how to tie a knot by using our simple guides!

Quality and care

In principle, you should pay particular attention to the selection of your accessories. We offer you ties and bow ties made of pure, heavy silk. Because only the nature of such a substance ensures that the tied knot comes into effect well. In addition, the case of the heavy substance ensures that the tie remains in its correct place. A too light tie can only be tied with small knot, it does not fall as desired or does not stay in its place.

Incidentally, it is not advisable to keep ties and bow-ties in bound form. Although this saves the re-bonding, in the long run the silk material can get pressure points or wrinkles. It is better to keep the tie rolled up or hanging in the wardrobe. Make sure that your silk tie cannot be damaged by a belt buckle or a wood splitter which pull threads. To avoid such trouble, tie boxes and our fly packs are well suited for storage. Please note that our ties and bow ties should not be washed or ironed. Instead, hang them in a room with high humidity (e.g. bathroom) or use dry cleaning.

Ties binding

The tie is an important detail of your appearance, the selection should be well thought of. With the wrong tie and above all with a wrong or bad tie knot you can devalue a good fitting. There are countless ways to tie a knot. We have put together four classic tie knots:


This tie knot is simple, fast and very popular. The long, narrow knot helps you extend the neck section. This knot is particularly well suited to wider ties and can be worn to all collar shapes. If you try the knot, don't be surprised, because this knot is just a bit crooked and asymmetrical.

Tie four-in-hand knots: John Crocket

Double Four-in-Hand

This knot is as simple and fast as the simple four-in-hand knot and impresses by its longer and asymmetrical shape. This gives your tie knot more volume by wrapping the tie twice instead of just once (see Step 3). The double four-in-hands match our cut-away collar particularly well.

double four-in-hand knots tie John Crocket


The Windsor knot is quite large and therefore takes up a lot of space. With its broad and symmetrical appearance, it looks very elegant, but it can shorten the neck. Choose a narrower tie and a wide-exposed collar, such as a cut-away collar.

Tie Windsor knots John Crocket

The Small Knot

This is probably the fastest and easiest tie knot we've ever seen. The knot is small and narrow, but if you loosen it, it automatically looks a little bigger. This allows you to vary and combine this knot with any collar shape.

Tie Small Knot John Crocket

Bow-tie binding

It's not hard to tie a bow-tie, you just need some practice. Impress your surroundings with a self-tied bow-tie at the next event. You are invited to a wedding or you even are the groom himself? Wear the self tied bow tie during the wedding and as soon as you enter the dance floor, the bow-tie can stay casually open around your neck.

Tie four-in-hand knots: John Crocket

The subtle difference:
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