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Join us on an exciting tour of Scotland and discover the traditional fabric of Scots and Englishmen. We bring together again a varied mix of very different tweed manufacturers and renowned tweed houses. At Sakko., Waistcoats or Suit - for every taste and occasion are real attractions in the range.

High Season for a cricket blazer

Cricket Blazer have a long tradition. Every cricket club has its own combination of stripes where as in the old days they were worn during the match they today represent the club membership. To wear a cricket blazer is very extraordinary and elegant.

Sakkos und Westen bei John Crocket

Tweed suits – the very Scottish thing.

The Highlands belong to Scotland as Tweed Suits to John Crocket. The classic three-piece comes in a classic cut and is made of only natural material. Tweed has class and dresses well in every situation, is it outdoor hunting or even in front of the wedding altar.

Dream Team in Tweed – Jacket & Waistcoat

Sticks and Stone this Tweed combination is your perfect companion. Nicely combined with a comfortable Corduroy Trousers or even with a casual jeans. Not only in Scotland you are always well dressed in this combination.

Sale Badge Black FridaySakkos und Westen bei John Crocket

Everybody's Darling: Unser Covert Coat

Mit unseren Tweedmänteln sind Sie auch bei wechselhaftem Wetter optimal gekleidet. Elegante Covert Coats schmücken derzeit unser Sortiment. Und vielleicht auch ganz bald schon Ihre Garderobe!

Sale Badge Black FridayTweedmäntel bei John Crocket
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