Harris Tweed

Guardians of the Orb

What is Harris Tweed?

Not every tailor loves this fabric, since this is much harder to process than lovely merino wool. Harris Tweed resists wind and weather, and when others reach for the coat, the wearer of the Harris Tweed just grabs his scarf. Tweed fabrics often last up to three people's lives and the sustainability of the product is shown at the latest.

A special feature of Harris Tweed is the colouring of the wool before the yarn is spun. This makes it possible to create particularly complex colours, which are then refined by subtle but characteristic patterns. In addition to the durability of colourful fabrics, Harris Tweed also places great emphasis on warmth, breathability and sustainability.

The Harris Tweed Story

Alles über Harris Tweed – John Crocket | Fine British Clothing

Alles über Harris Tweed – John Crocket | Fine British Clothing

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A Guide to Tweed

John Crocket stands for suits, jackets, waistcoats, caps and bow ties made of exclusive Tweed from the best Scottish and Irish mills. But what makes Tweed so special and how is Tweed made?
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Lovat Tweed keeps always warm and is weather resistant. Its colour shades remember the Scottish landscapes.
Lovat Tweed Products
Lovat Tweed Mill

Harris Tweed is particularly resistant, gleams with unique colours and can be easily combined with different fabrics.
Harris Tweed Products
Harris Tweed Mill

Magee Tweed persuades with its particular robustness and eith the heavy fabric from the traditional County Donegal in Ireland.
Magee Tweed Products
Magee Tweed Mill

Moon Tweed provides with its the luxurious feel for the comfort factor and keeps you always warm even by cold temperatures.
Moon Tweed products
Moon Tweed Mill

John Hanly works exclusively with natural fibers and sets high value on sustainable and ethical production.
John Hanly Tweed Products
John Hanly Tweed Mill

Marling & Evans underlines the distinctive and special nature of its Tweed fabrics. Spinning, weaving and refining are based in the English Huddersfield.
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