John Crocket's. Knitwear gives quality a new expression! WhetherCashmere, Geelong or Lambswool - we offer a variety of colours so that everyone will find their new favorite piece. Sweaters, Cardigans, Waistcoats and Slipover belong in the well-equipped wardrobe and always offer warmth on cold days.

For all Seasons and Occasions – Sweaters

These basics are always booming. Simply because John Crocket jumpers are classically timeless and never go out of fashion. The good quality has a soft finish and feel and a lovely touch. Whether it's a sporty V-neck jumper or the modern classic with a round neckline, the knitwear is eternally wearable and worth seeing in all colours.

Cashmere – luxurious material

A feeling of knitted glamour. This exquisite quality from Inner Mongolia simply makes you happy. Beautiful pieces for every colour preference and style.

Cashmere bei John Crocket

Everybody's darling: Lambswool

Lambswool Lambswool puts you in the best mood with the most beautiful colours. The high-quality wool from soft little lambs dresses in all shapes. Simply ideal for these latitudes with recurring cool days and long transitions.

Quality with buttons – the cardigan

The cardigan is here to stay, the waistcoat is on the rise! The sleeveless must-have not only adds a special touch to outfits, but also wears comfortably under a blazer or mackintosh without being bulky. Cardigans and waistcoats create a layered look in a splendid colour range.

Geelong a feel of quality

Geelong Geelong is a smart alternative to expensive cashmere. Obtained from the silky first shearing of lambs, this quality is incomparably soft. Those who know it will buy it again and again and wear it at every occasion.

Quality Made in Scotland

To the Knitwear Dictionary


Cashmere is particularly noble and soft. It is obtained from the dense undercoat of the cashmere goat and at the same time warms and cools. Learn more

Cashmere products


Geelong, obtained from the silky belly of the lambs, is almost as soft as cashmere, but at the same time it is much cheaper. Learn more

Geelong products


Our lambswool from sheep of South Australian origin guarantees the highest dimensional stability and is particularly soft. Learn more

Lambswool products

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