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What do you wear for your wedding?

There is a wide spectrum in the choice of a means wardrobe for the wedding. It ranges from barefoot on the beach to White Tie or Morning suit in the cathedral respectively.

What is worn on a wedding decide only two people: bride and groom. The dress code chosen by the bridal couple is usually communicated on the invitation. Guests are bound on the desired dresscode and must not "beat it".

Here guests can find helpful tips how to accomplish the desiderd dress code. On the other hand, future grooms will discover more about the variety of classic wedding suits, which you may find with us.

Need some inspiration?

Beratungstermine bei John Crocket

Ob Abiball, Hochzeit oder einfach so – wir helfen Ihnen, genau den richtigen Look zu finden. Dabei stellen wir mit Ihnen gemeinsam das perfekte Outfit für eine unvergessliche Feier zusammen.
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The somewhat extraordinary dresscode:
The Tweed suit

If the Tweed suit as wedding dress has established itself as an absolute alternative to the classic wedding outfit. The unique tweed fabric is not only vintage, but characterizes tradition. A truly beautiful outfit for the occasion!

Tweed is more and more preferred for weddings, as it is classic and casual at the same time. This fabric offers plenty of scope for design and dress a wide variety of men's types with style and class. Usually is a three-part Tweed suit meant, consisting of 3-button jacket, waistcoat, pants with pleat and turn-ups. The jacket remains true to the classic gentleman look with three front pockets, two side vents.

The bride is of course free in chouce of outfit. From white dress, over a trouser suit up to a Tweed costume - everything is possible. You can certainly be the lady of the day has that has her own style.

For a colorful celebration:
Tweed in all colors

The color of the Tweed suit can be freely chosen after preference and taste. You can decide between plain suits in subtle tones for a simple look and if you prefer a little more adventure, choose one of the typical tweed patterns. You have the choice between herringbone, checks or colourful different patterns.

The icing of the top on the I:
The matching accessories

The most beautiful day in life:
Wedding Photography of our customers - outstanding in Tweed

A Guide to Tweed

John Crocket steht für Anzüge, Jackets, Sakkos, Westen, Blazer, Caps und Fliegen aus exklusivem Tweed von den besten Manufakturen und Mills aus Schottland und Irland. Aber was macht den Stoff eigentlich so besonders und wie wird Tweed hergestellt?
Lesen Sie mehr in unserem Tweed-Lexikon

Lovat Tweed hält stets warm und ist selbst bei Feuchtigkeit sehr widerstandsfähig. Seine Farbvarianten erinnern an die Landschaft Schottlands.
Lovat Tweed Produkte
Lovat Tweed Manufaktur

Harris Tweed ist besonders widerstandsfähig, erstrahlt in einzigartigen Farben und lässt sich gut mit anderen Stoffen kombinieren.
Harris Tweed Produkte
Harris Tweed Manufaktur

Magee Tweed überzeugt mit besonders langer Haltbarkeit und schweren Stoffen aus dem traditionsreichen County Donegal in Irland.
Magee Tweed Produkte
Magee Tweed Manufaktur

Moon Tweed sorgt durch luxuriöse Haptik für den ganz besonderen Wohlfühlfaktor und hält Sie auch bei kühlen Temperaturen stets warm.
Moon Tweed Produkte
Moon Tweed Manufaktur

John Hanly arbeitet ausschließlich mit Naturfasern und legt großen Wert auf nachhaltige und ethische Produktion.
John Hanly Tweed Produkte
John Hanly Tweed Manufaktur

Marling & Evans betont zurecht den markanten, unverwechselbaren Charakter seiner Tweedstoffe. Spinnerei, Weberei und Veredelung sitzen im englischen Huddersfield.
Marling & Evans Tweed Produkte Marling & Evans Tweed Manufaktur

Dark suit for the wedding

If "dark suit" is noted on the wedding invitation, it is binding and none of the male guests appears on the marriage in the black tie i.e. tuxedo - of course just as little in jeans and sneakers. The guest should wear a dark gray or dark blue suit with black shoes, a white shirt, if possible with double cuffs and Cufflinks, as well as a chic tie and optionally awaistcoat. This is well accomplished by a a off-white or white pocket square.

If the wedding takes place during the day, a light gray suit can be worn with light brown shoes, but only if there is the opportunity to change before the evening - because there you have to actually appear in the dark suit.
Likewise, the female guests of a wedding party are held, not to dress in white (evening), because on this day "white" is reserved only for the bride and the wedding dress.

The right shirt for the wedding

The icing on the top:
Accessories for the perfect look

Black Tie or Evening Wear
to the wedding

In the evening dress

If "Black Tie" or "Evening Wear" is on the invitation of the wedding, so aTuxedohas to be worn at the wedding. For evening you wear a black silk bow-tie. That is why the term black tie is used. In addition one carries one White shirt, which is reinforced in the chest area with pique fabric, and black shoes without hole patterns. Here we recommend as shoe model the Plain Oxford. The tuxedo appears conventionally with a black matching dress trousers which sets a special accent through the galon stripe.

Plain Oxford to Smoking | John Crocket
Accessories for smoking | John Crocket

Morning Suit During The Day

If the wedding takes place during the day, you choose the morning suit. Those is worn exclusively during the day but never in the evening. The official Morning Suit is still of the school uniform at the famous Eton College just close to Windsor Castle. Even at the well-known horse race Ascot, this outfit is an indispensable duty.

White Tie or
Great evening wear
for the wedding

If "White Tie" is written on the wedding invitation, so it has to be worn the Great Evening Dress. Here the dress code is like a uniform and is probably known from the pompous, glamorous Viennese opera ball.

A last good advice

Here we listed many possibilities for wedding clothes and give you a hint to choose out of a wide spectrum. Whether Tweed, Black Or White Tie - Discover your outfit for an unforgettable wedding!

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