Magee Tweed

Tweed from Donegal, Ireland

What is Magee Tweed?

Magee 1866 stands for the connection of Irish tradition with modern design. Magee has lived up to the claim of sustainability for 150 years: Magee has always been working with renewable energy sources and biodegradable materials. These are sustainable just because of their very long durability.

Magee is particularly well known for its bright and colorful tweed fabrics. These include not only heavy, traditional fabrics, but also modern and luxurious textures. Thereby, with these fabric can be produced elegant high-quality coats, as well as trendy jackets, waistcoats and accessoires.

The Magee Tweed Story

Video about Magee Tweed

Sale Badge 40 Prozent
Tweed Skirt from Magee Tweed
Regular price 179,00 € Sale price107,40 €
Sale Badge 40 Prozent
Tweed Skirt From Magee Tweed
Regular price 179,00 € Sale price107,40 €

A Guide to Tweed

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