Here is our new collection with trendy tradition: tweed rich in tradition that more and more people appreciate. A distinctive fabric that becomes more and more people appreciated. In the range you will find three types of Tweed as classic suits or perfectly combinedJackets and Waistcoats. Even more tradition remains with our welt-sewn Shoes and the high quality Knitwear, also in a strong selection of colours. Business Boys rely on our faithful selection Business suits and high quality Full ply cotton shirts. Become part of the tradition now!

Good looking Coats!

our range of coats will get you safely through stormy weather. We use rainproof, timeless duffle coats or distinctive raglan coats. For the elegant gentleman, we add fine covert coats in a slimmer cut to help you move with confidence.

Always well dressed: Crocket's corduroy trousers

The combination of corduroy and tweed tastefully rounds off stylish outfits. The highly revered corduroy trousers come from the renowned company: Brisbane & Moss. An excellent quality that we pass on to you as fine corduroy or wide corduroy in harmonious colours with the best conscience.

The very cool Cap

Tweed simply tops every look, even this season. Set individual accents with our tweed caps. They match our current tweed jackets and waistcoats. We offer caps with and without press studs.

Tweed makes all generations look good: It owes its everlasting beauty to its extremely durable quality. And tweed is also so elegant that it is perfect for festive occasions! The tweed suit as wedding wear , for example, has established itself as an absolute alternative to the classic wedding outfit. The unique tweed fabric is not only vintage, but also characterizes tradition and durability. A truly beautiful symbolism for the occasion!

The Scene discovers tweed – like @kleidsam

Blogger Dennis has designed this extravagant tweed suit in a houndstooth pattern and thus lives up to his blog "kleidsam" – flattering!

@kleidsam on instagram

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Cashmere or Lambswool: Pick your favorite colour

You can see the distinguished origin of this knitwear at first glance. John Crocket cashmere and lambswool will enhance any style and the feeling of wearing one of these jumpers is almost eccentrically good. Because the threads are twisted particularly tightly and firmly during processing, our lambswool, geelong and cashmere are extremely durable and supple. And available in so many colours!

The trick is tweed – Jackets & waistcoats

Some of our tweed suppliers produce in cinematic manufactory settings with over 100 years of history. They make the tweed fabrics from all-natural materials. Our jackets and waistcoats are sustainability without a lot of fuss.

The country collection – Crocket’s Boots

Take a sportier approach this autumn with John Crocket Boots. Suede or smooth leather, jodhpur or lace-up, you'll arrive relaxed wherever you go!

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In love with shirts

There are some compelling arguments for the John Crocket shirt. There's the twofold cotton in double-twisted fibre with a lasting silky finish.The classic cut is so generous that the shirt always fits perfectly. The slimline shirt is cut slim and a little shorter. And with the amazing amount of patterns and textures, these shirts are actually right up your alley.

Need some inspiration?

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Whether it's a graduation ball, a wedding or just for fun – we'll help you find just the right look. Together with you, we will put together the perfect outfit for an unforgettable celebration.
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Fascinated by the finest quality

Anyone who says that men's fashion is frugal is not yet familiar with John Crocket's accessories. The belts made of English saddle leather or the silk pocket squares, which of course never have the same pattern as the tire. There are cufflinks in favourite colours, bow ties and braces to button or clip. And who said that it is difficult to make a man a present?

John Crocket’s Scarves and hats: both first class

Delicate Cashmere as a hat and scarf gives pleasure also in rainy weather. Timeless natural shades can be easily combined with tweed coats and duffle coats. Our hint: it is a great and useful gift for your loved ones!

High Quality with the special fit

Particularly soft and durable made of high-quality two-fold cotton. This is the ingredient of our boxer shorts. In addition, the comfortable cut with soft waistband meets a variety of patterns and colours – take your pick!

Style in every detail

Be picky with your accessories, just like we are. The bow tie, matching the shirt, is an alternative to the tie that is fashionably striking. Available at John Crocket in many colour combinations, whether in the finest silk or – even quite fashionable – tweed.

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