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Of course this service is free for you within Germany.

Each of our packages comes with a self-adhesive return label. You are welcome to pack the unpaid goods in the original carton and deliver the package to a DHL post office of your choice.

In case of missing return label please contact us by Mail or by phone You will receive a label immediately.

Upon arrival of the return, you will receive the refund and a credit within one week. The refund is made on the payment method you selected at the beginning of the order.

General charges such as packaging, express shipping etc. are not refunded.

A detailed retraction instruction can be found here

If you would like to keep the printed invoice, which was also sent to you digitally when ordering, please find here another Cancellation policies


Would you like to switch to a different size or color? You can simply make a visible note on the back of the packing list attached to the package. If you wish to receive the exchange goods immediately and very quickly, please contact our customer service. We will then send the goods by invoice to your home as soon as possible.

Important note: exchangeable goods are mainly sent on invoice and not charged out with the existing payment method. This simplifies return processing and allows accounting to allocate invoice amounts accurately. We apologize for any extra effort by making another transfer and thank you for your understanding!

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