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Quality made in Scotland

Only the Scots knit like this! In uncomplicated, casual cuts, we dress ladies as well as gentlemen in jumpers, cardigans and waistcoats from sporty, trendy to classic. Especially in the knitted fabric we always confront with questions about cleaning and what distinguishes the fine qualities cashmere, geelong and lambswool from each other. In addition, you will also find a size charts in order to be able to transfer the English sizes safely to the familiar continental size. Discover the most colorful department in the House of John Crocket!

A hint that is close to our hearts: our producers support the animal welfare and that is why we only carry " mulesingfree wool "!

Care instructions

To ensure that the knitting material does not form a knot, wash the knitting material after three times in hand washing at a maximum of 35 degrees in washing machine and spin at maximum 400 spins. That way the wool fibers can pull together. Rinse well in cold water, and definitely not in the dryer! Finally, simply spread flat on a towel and allow to dry.

Our 2-thread cashmere is knitted with a 2/28 yarn, i.e. two threads, each consisting of two threads turned against each other, are used for the production of the thread. From a purely technical point of view, this thread could be described as 4-thread, but because of its weight we do not do it. Our ladies cashmere as well as our men's cashmere are made from this hard-wearing and noble fibre, the pilling is preventable, i.e. no nodules are formed in the wool. In addition, we can offer you our 3-thread cashmere in V-and round-cut. Here a 3/28 thread is used, which, as with the 2 thread thread, could also be called 6-thread. This sweater is particularly warm and comfortable to wear.


All our knitwear products are produced by a family business in Scotland, which only processes the best materials. The so-called Super Geelong is a 100% lambswool that is produced in Australia by a specially bred of sheep. Only the wool of this sheep from this region may be called the "Geelong" wool. This material is obtained from the first sheer of the lambs, which are not more than 5 months old.

Geelong was originally developed in the coastal town of the same name south of Melbourne (Australia), when the monopole of the Chinese doubled the cashmere price at the end of the 1980s. Super Geelong should offer an alternative to cashmere through its fineness and is one of the highest quality wool types in the world. Since it is lambswool, it is also more resistant than cashmere. The low micron number of less than 19.5 makes this wool particularly soft. Because the lower the number of micrones, the finer is the wool.

Geelong products

Size charts


English size Continental
Men size
International Men size
40 44 XXS
42 46 XS
44 48 S
46 50 M
48 52 L
50 54 XL
52 56 XXL


English /
Continental size
International size
34 XS
36 S
38 M
40 M
42 L
44 L
46 XL

The subtle difference:
Quality by John Crocket

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