Cashmere Schal: BLUE

Cashmere Schal: BLUE

  • 100% Kaschmir
  • 210 x 25 cm
  • mit Fransen
  • Gewebt in Irland

Ein Cashmere Schal von höchster Qualität: Weich, edel und kuschelig. Dieser luxuriöse Schal in Bordeaux ist aus feinster, hochwertiger Cashmere-Wolle hergestellt. Er ist unglaublich angenehm auf der Haut und bequem zu tragen – der perfekte Begleiter für jeden Tag.

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Care instructions

To ensure that the knitwear does not form knots, wash the knitwear after three wearings to allow the wool fibers to contract. Wash the knitwear products with hand washing at maximum 35 degrees and rinse them well in cold water. Finally, simply spread flat on a towel and allow to dry.

With modern washing machines, it is possible to wash the knitting materials at maximum thirty degrees and few spins (max. 600). Simply select the wool program or fine wash and add some liquid detergent (not too much otherwise the wool could felt). For drying put the product on a towel spread over the sink. Please note that the knitting material must not be allowed in the dryer!