Time to say goodbye:
      Crocket's Finest with Rendenbach soles

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      After more than 150 years of traditional production of first-class leather soles, the Rendenbach manufactory had to close. For us, it is now time to say goodbye to the excellent leather sole with the JR logo. This is your last opportunity to purchase our John Crocket Finest with JR leather soles in the big Rendenbach SALE.

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      Founded in 1871, the breathable, lightweight and durable leather soles clothed the feet of not only the most powerful but also the most stylish men in the world. Rendenbach's first-class natural product was the epitome of a high-quality leather sole.

      The traditional process of Eichenloh pit tanning was not only an environmentally friendly production method, but also resulted in a sole of perfection.

      Thanks to its low abrasion and natural water resistance, it had a long service life. They were also extremely comfortable to wear thanks to their light weight, dimensional stability and optimum skin compatibility. This leather sole was simply in a class of its own!

      Unfortunately, however, class had to give way to quantity and the traditional leather manufacturer closed its doors after more than 150 years.

      "Over the past 10 to 15 years, it's not just the situation on the raw materials market, especially the resulting shortage and constantly declining quality, that has made our (survival) more difficult," says Rendenbach. "Above all, the wearing behaviour of society, the trend towards "more comfortable" walking and the social acceptability/salonability of the sneaker influenced the constantly falling demand for leather soles. "

      Sadly, the time has now come for us to say goodbye to the leather sole with the JR logo. We say "bye-bye Rendenbach" and offer you one last opportunity to purchase our John Crocket Finest with JR leather soles in our big Rendenbach SALE.