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All aboard! John Crocket invites you on the exciting journey of British fashion. Let yourself be inspired by our world of Tweeds. in various colours and shapes for Ladies. and LordA secret tip for all who have discovered the fine fabric with Scottish tradition for themselves! Feel the British charm also well on foot in high quality Crocket shoes and browse through our diverse String. Take time for your trip to our latest trends!

Dream Team in Tweed – Jacket & Waistcoat

Sticks and Stone this Tweed combination is your perfect companion. Nicely combined with a comfortable Corduroy Trousers or even with a casual jeans. Not only in Scotland you are always well dressed in this combination.

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Tweed suits – the very Scottish thing.

The Highlands belong to Scotland as Tweed Suits to John Crocket. The classic three-piece comes in a classic cut and is made of only natural material. Tweed has class and dresses well in every situation, is it outdoor hunting or even in front of the wedding altar.

Unsere aktuellen weiblichen Sehenswürdigkeiten für die Dame.

Unsere femininen Sehenswürdigkeiten aus Tweed als Blazer, Westen und Röcke folgen sanft der weiblichen Silhouette und kleiden Sie stilvoll für jeden Anlass. John Crocket's Geheimtipp für den Sommer: Unser farbenfroher Cricket Blazer.

With our coats you are not only well prepared for Scottish weather. The classy gentleman resorts to Covert Coats. The rougher Raglan coats made of Tweed are a rarity for their length and making. Our product line is complete thanks to the rainproof Dufflecoat for everywoman and everyman..

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