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All aboard! John Crocket invites you on the exciting journey of British fashion. Let yourself be inspired by our world of Tweeds. in various colours and shapes for Ladies. and LordA secret tip for all who have discovered the fine fabric with Scottish tradition for themselves! Feel the British charm also well on foot in high quality Crocket shoes and browse through our diverse String. Take time for your trip to our latest trends!

The trick is tweed – Jackets & waistcoats

Some of our tweed suppliers produce in cinematic manufactory settings with over 100 years of history. They make the tweed fabrics from all-natural materials. Our jackets and waistcoats are sustainability without a lot of fuss.

In love with shirts

There are some compelling arguments for the John Crocket shirt. There's the twofold cotton in double-twisted fibre with a lasting silky finish.The classic cut is so generous that the shirt always fits perfectly. The slimline shirt is cut slim and a little shorter. And with the amazing amount of patterns and textures, these shirts are actually right up your alley.

Tweed makes all generations look good: It owes its everlasting beauty to its extremely durable quality. And tweed is also so elegant that it is perfect for festive occasions! The tweed suit as wedding wear , for example, has established itself as an absolute alternative to the classic wedding outfit. The unique tweed fabric is not only vintage, but also characterizes tradition and durability. A truly beautiful symbolism for the occasion!

Blazers, waistcoats & skirts – That special something in tweed!

Special shades and textures in intricately woven tweed can be wonderfully enlivened with a splash of colour in knitwear. Tweed blazers, waistcoats, skirts dress incredibly versatile from sporty to festive.

The very cool Cap

Tweed simply tops every look, even this season. Set individual accents with our tweed caps. They match our current tweed jackets and waistcoats. We offer caps with and without press studs.

An eye catcher for everyone – our coats for every genre

Covert coat, duffle coat and raglan coat interpreted in a modern way and stylishly combined with cashmere and corduroy. three coats for her and also him and thus lots of possibilities. The sporty Duffle coat for men and women leaves enough room for an active life with dog or child. Even with a warm jumper and jacket underneath, it retains its slim, advantageous look. Effects such as fabric straps or the check lining make the British original so unique. The Blazer coat for women is also a figure-flattering miracle that keeps you wonderfully warm. Its elegant silhouette goes well with both suits and jeans. And the covert coat also gives a wonderful figure with a suit underneath. In cool plaid or midnight blue, our coats make your fashion life easier and make you look like it. It's wonderful!

Moon Tweed Waistcoat
179,00 €
Lovat Tweed Waistcoat
179,00 €
Moon Tweed Waistcoat
179,00 €
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