Chelsea Boots in braunem Wildleder

Chelsea Boots in braunem Wildleder

Rahmengenähte Schuhe in ausgezeichneter Qualität. Besonders fußfreundlich und bequem ist die Korksohle, die als Zwischensohle in den Schuh genäht ist. Sie verhilft dem Fuß zu einem individuellen Fußbett, ist trittdämpfend und atmungsaktiv.

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Material description

Crocket's Classics

The outsole is sewn in a double seam on the slightly projecting frame running around the boot. The special feature is a cork sole between running and insole. Thanks to this yielding cork layer, the foot can create a separate, individual footbed. After the first wearing, the excellent workmanship of the welt-sewn shoes becomes clear: due to the movement of the sole, the temporary hafter detach itself, after which the shoe is elastic and highly comfortable. The decisive factor is that the Crocket' shoes are actually welt-sewn. Since the soles are each separately connected to each other, each layer can move against each other while running, while the fit remains stable over a long period of time. By the way, these shoes can be easily repaired and resoled.

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Care instructions

Smooth Leather Shoes

Always use shoe tensioners to ensure that your shoes remain smooth and in the right shape. In wet conditions, you can let the shoes dry at room temperature or plug it out with newspaper. Do not put the shoes in front of fireplaces, radiators or heating, since the heat dries out the leather and this can lead to cracks in the shoes. For the removal of dirt and mud, just grab a wet cloth.
Our Crocket's Classics have a leather sole which can be protected by applying a very thin protective sole.

As with any leather shoe, a shoe polish must not be missing. We recommend that you polish your shoes with a wax shoe polish in the right color.

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