Slimline Baumwollhose Larusmiani in beige

Slimline Baumwollhose Larusmiani in beige

  • 100% Baumwolle (leichte Qualität)

Schmal geschnitten, ohne Bundfalte, ohne Hosenumschlag, 2 schräg verlaufende Eingrifftaschen

Diese Baumwollhose ist die richtige Wahl, wenn Sie auf der Suche nach einer Hose sind, die sich Business Casual auch mal zum Anzug kombinieren lässt.
Gleichzeitig kommen Sie nicht ins Schwitzen: der besonders leichte Stoff und das atmungsaktive Innenfutter machen diese Hose zum besten Begleiter für warme Sommertage

Der fein glänzende Baumwoll-Satin stammt aus dem Mailänder Traditionshaus Larusmiani. Er vereint das Beste zweier Modenationen:
Italienische Leichtigkeit und den klassisch modernen Stil from Great Britain.

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Material Description

Cotton by Larusmiani

Cotton is almost always the most popular raw material for clothing worldwide. This natural fibre impresses with its versatility, absorbency and durability. In addition, there is a pleasantly soft feeling on the skin.

The finely shining cotton satin comes from the traditional Milanese house Larusmiani. It combines the best of two fashion nations: the Italian lightness and the classic modern style from England. In addition to high quality, the fabrics are also characterized by their high wearing comfort and adaptability.

Care instructions

At 30-40°C you can wash our trousers made of fine cotton and corduroy in the washing machine with a mild detergent. In addition, they need to be ironed after washing, so that they can regain their original structure and become soft. To avoid damaging the rib structure of the corduroy wash and iron the trousers to the left. Please note that the trousers are not allowed in the dryer.

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